Construction of a helical staircase for Auditoire for SNCF Innotrans 2012

DISPLAY INTERNATIONAL (planning and concept)
Metallbau Wittenberg (production)



Construction of a modular character system (Static Dynamic Display) for Avantgardian Day, Mercedes-Benz advertising

Client: MWB

sample files 2D & 3D:




Construction of a modular hedge for the roof of a former factory framework

Client: Kuehn Malvezzi



With us you can plan and/or realize your designs. We design and implement the simple steel construction up to the mechatronic design according to customer special.

Whether steel construction, complex geometries or mechatronic special designs - we can plan everything. We have an extensive practical knowledge of manufacturing processes and application.

In the development and design we create 2D- and 3D-design drawings, manufacturing and assembly plans. The plan will be handed over thus in all standard formats instead of up to the workshop capable detailed design. We work with the 3D-CAD design programs SolidWorks and Alibre Design™.



For quality improvement we offer for your projects simulation of bending, mechanical contact, thermal (conduction, convection, radiation), fluid dynamics and coupled or uncoupled multiphysics. For this we are working with the Finite Elemente Analysis (FEA, FEM) Z88Aurora®. ► more


In order to view 2D and 3D sample files at the following link free viewer are available for download: 






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